The Valley Of Fear ii


“Where is he?” The chief investigator shouted at the top of his voice. His deputies watched him silently as he worked up his rage. This was not a new experience for them. Infact the same sequence has been going on ever since their top man took a “leave of absence”. That was a “… a month ago”, replied the terrified new detective recruit.” “A month?”exclaimed the chief.
“Where is he? What is he upto? God and I still pay him for all these. Whatever you do, I want him working on this case by tomorrow noon, or it is your heads rolling. That is all, out of my sight… all of you.”

Lewinski – Iceland

The weather was far too worse than he had expected. it had been snowing for the past two days and the extra clothing and food that he had consumed, all paid in cash – that had been his habit for the past month or so- from the London – Helsinki airfare, to the hotel rent , food, winter wear and the extravagantly made Swiss coffee – all in cash.
Now he was left with only 10$ in cash and about time too, he sighed.
“Swiss coffee”, the order was swiftly attended to, for the island of Lewinski had a moving population of about 500 at any given time and 3 hotels to carter to them. Individual care was not a luxury.
“You’ll be paying in cash, sir?” Asked the barman. “No, I’ll swipe it now, I guess.” He said producing the international visa card. How much time will they take? He wondered. From the millions of credit card transactions the visa master card processed each hour their super computers in Atlanta would pick his in about 3 secs, moments after it was credited. The security center alerted immediately, and the information about his whereabouts with the shop address of “one 100 bar and coffee” Lewinski, Iceland sent to the Scotland Yard.
He expected the Iceland police to fetch him in about 10 minutes ,to be inside a helicopter in 20 and on a plane bound London in an hour or so..

“Good morning, Mr. Edwards”, I represent HIS MAJESTY’S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, shall we go?
“The yard itself! quite marvelous, well yes let us get going.”

Enroute London – Iceland aviation flight 73 a

“So … long time hiding” asked the yard’s deputy chief of operations – Jane Meron.
He did not reply. Its been quite a long time since he had worked with Jane moron . They were once colleagues at the GROTESQUE CRIMES UNIT of the Scotland Yard and to put it simply he had not enjoyed the experience. The GCU he thought was only for fully devoted braniac’s, not promotion groping ordinaries, for the unit mostly dealt with the organized crimes group – the most heinous and meticulously planned crimes on British soil.

“er, well… now that u seem to be settled down , I will give the details as to why your esteemed presence is needed at the yard and then, maybe you could kindly shed some light on why the taxpayer’s money is being wasted upon this little mouse hunt that we were forced to do for the past one month.

The man hasn’t changed much, he thought. He was known for his jibes, in fact he could make a living out of it. The new designation as the head of Investigations has obviously done nothing to turn the man towards the path of humility. “So, let’s catch up, shall we? The case that the chief wants you to investigate so badly pertains to the unsuccessful attempts at …”.He wasn’t listening anymore.He didn’t need to know the details as to why his presence was so sought after by the department. He had followed the story closely and knew eventually it would come to him.He had counted on it.In fact he knew more than he dared reveal.How long would he be able to keep this game going, he didn’t know.The man’s mind was as turbulent as the air outside. Meanwhile the clouds soared by as the aircraft started its gradual descent and aligned itself with the Heathrow tarmac.

to be continued …


10 Responses to “The Valley Of Fear ii”

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  2. Go on dude….. Start is as if some Dan Browne novel… 😀 Keep it up.. 🙂

  3. Great Piece…Cant imagine the depth of what the rest holds….Youll have to see it all the way…

  4. Good start. Guess this is the Page one of ur Chapter one 🙂 Complete the story. Good luck 🙂

  5. hey i never knew u vr good in writing novel like stuff..good start keep going 🙂

  6. aliya set.

  7. go on dude! =)

  8. hmmmm…continue….please…..

  9. dude! hav u made up a plot yet?! 😀 nice start anyways!!

  10. hey really nice.. go on.. 🙂

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